October 14, 2012

More Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Mechromancer
It is an open secret that I've been spending a lot of my free time playing Borderlands 2, and by free time I mean whenever-I-can-steal-time-away-from-other-things.

Borderlands 2 has been quite a bit of fun and I already finished the game once....kind of.  When you "finish" the game there is an extra side quest that pops up to go kill an extremely difficult level 50 opponent.  The quest is called, You. Will. Die. (Seriously), which is prophetic because when you first get this quest you will most likely be around level 30.  Facing the dreaded Terramorphous the Invincible will easily cause your death.  This boss is designed to be fought by a full group of four level 50 players.

Here a level 33 Siren and a level 32 Gunzerker try to take on this level 52 Terramorphous.  Their weapon damage doesn't even register on the creature's health bar.

To be able to get this creature you need to get to level 50, which you can do if you take the character you finished the game with and basically replay through a second time in the True Vault Hunter Mode.  In TVHM all the monsters are tougher and the Badass-level creatures are about 1400% more common.

TVHM is more fun than I expected because I had to re-spec my Commando's Auto-Turrent.  I don't mind playing through a second time to get to level 50 and be able to take on Terramorphous.

What I do mind is having to grind in order to complete 100% of the achievements for this game.  There is an single achievement for each of the four basic classes, just like there was in Borderlands.  For the Commando it is to get 100 Auto-Turrent kills, which is pretty simple.  You can get that by level 6 or 7.  The Siren just needs to Phaselock 100 enemies, again very doable by level 7.  The Gunzerker needs to gunzerk for 90 seconds, which requires the right build at around level 21.  That is a lot of extra gameplay.  The Assassin needs to stay in his special mode for 10 seconds, which requires about 35(?) levels of play.

Seriously?  That is just messed-up.  A second play-through that is different (but really the same) is one thing, but essentially having to play through multiple times just to get the achievements is too much.  Now I'm almost wishing I had started off with the Assassin just to cut down on having to replay the same levels with the same game modes.

Not cool Gearbox, not cool.

Gage, the MechromancerGearbox has come under a bit of fire for offering what some have dubbed "girlfriend mode" on the new Mechromancer character.  Evidently this new class has one of her three skill trees that essentially makes a new and/or inexperienced player contribute a lot more with a lot less skill required.  The thing is, this title....."girlfriend mode" was NOT something that Gearbox came up with. This with what the dumbass gamers came up with.
You know the type, right?  The ones that make you want to swear off multiplayer communications because of all the juvenile banter, smack talk, and incessant racial slurs.  If there was ever a group of people that should be seen and not heard it would be these wankers.
I have to give Gearbox props for coming right out and explicitly stating that they do not have a "girlfriend mode".  They also get credit for creating this easier mode and balancing it with a much more difficult set of skill trees.  I have looked at the other skill trees for the Mechromancer and the first thing that came to mind is that you have to either be an inexperienced player to enjoy this class or a very skilled player.  The skill trees seemed to be on both ends of the spectrum.

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