November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day Rant

1995 French TDY
Today is another Veteran's Day and I see the list of free crap being offered to Veterans has grown by leaps and bounds over last year.

I'm thankful for the increase in community support as I haven't had that from "home" back in the day, but it really makes me wonder how much is true gratitude and how much is a marketing ploy.

Of all the offers I've seen I'm most impressed by two: Applebees and Great Clips. These are both places I patronize (I mean that in the good way). Applebees, or at least my local one, gives me a Veteran's discount every fricken day of the year. I'm often thanked for my service and not once has it felt forced or anything less than honest. The fact I'm not always thanked means, at least to me, this isn't a corporate mandate, but something straight from my server.

This means more to me than any discount or free yearly meal.

November 8, 2014

The Crooked Fence Barrelhouse is on the "Short List"

The Crooked Fence Barrelhouse in Garden City is awesome
Longtime readers, AKA Mom & Dad, OK, who am I kidding?...Those of your who check in periodically or accidentally find their way on to this blog might have read that for years it seemed me & the Mrs. had something of a "restaurant curse". We've had really bad luck at places, as-in "given out own section and forgotten about when our server went home for the night" bad luck.

October 13, 2014

Not-So-Bad Zucchini Bread

Not-So-Bad Zucchini Bread
Actually, despite the title, this is one of my prouder kitchen accomplishments. This last week I think I've spent four days in the kitchen working on a couple of long-term food projects, one of which has taken 18 months to be ready.....

I've been in there long enough to realize I wish my counters were about an inch, maybe an inch and half taller than they were, but that isn't a quick or inexpensive fix.

Also happening last week was the end of a contest for my Toastmasters club and I was on the losing non-winning side of the club. As 1st runner up in a contest with only two teams, my group was unceremoniously re-named "Steve's Snack Squad" and we were tasked with bringing food for this week's meeting.

Now I've been experimenting with  Zucchini Bread off-and-on over the years and I finally think I've got my preferred recipe dialed-in now. I've gotten tons of good feedback on this recipe and figured I'd share it with the world instead of hording it myself.....

October 8, 2014

Tree City Comic Con Sniff Test

We are essentially a week out from the Tree City Comic Con, which I predicted last June would be an Epic Fail. I've been loosely following the comings and goings as I could just being a local boy. Now in the interest of fairness I do have a couple friends who have  run another convention here in the Treasure Valley and gotten some general insight from them and I have another friend out of state who has much more business-side experience running larger conventions. That person has been insightful as well.

October 4, 2014

Cool/Funny Music Video

I'm just going to leave this here for you to check out....m'kay.