March 18, 2014

Dr Who 50th Anniversary Project

Thanks to i09 for this wonderful link to a cool animated video from Chan Dia that shows us the 12 Doctors that was made for the Dr Who 50th Anniversary.

March 16, 2014


I've been seeing far too many posts that are little more than click-bait, trying to get you to "like" or otherwise comment on some inane drivel. I figured I'd just cut out the middle-man....

March 12, 2014

Seriously?! My Old Employer's Website EPIC FAIL.

Believe it or not I don't try to dwell on things in the past. It is usually a fruitless endeavor.

There are times, however, where crap from the past resurfaces.

This week I needed to go visit my old employer's website to grab some info for a job application I was filling out. Usually I just utilize a large Word document I keep filled with answers to just about every question I've ever come across in a job app. Not really sure what I needed, but for this story, it doesn't matter.

Anyway, I'm on the site and shaking my head at a couple of things that just rub me the wrong way. You see, I pretty much wrote and definitely managed the old website and while the new one pretty much incorporated a bunch of changes I was recommending when I left, there were a lot of things I didn't care for. Call it sour grapes or what you will, but I've never been a fan of BS pages that exist just to try and draw in extra visits. The new site has a bunch of links at the bottom that is nothing but link-bait. Sure, they each go to a page....a page of BS. Each page is basically the same, but with a single paragraph of generic information regarding the location.

Dumb collection of link-bait on the bottom of every page

Now you might not really care one way or another about the link-bait, and I get that, but what I noticed next is just wrong on an EPIC level.  Have you seen it yet?

Now it might be germane to note that my previous employer was a reasonably well-known Interventionist. He did a few episodes of the Intervention show. A lot of the work I did was help facilitate interventions for people wanting to get their loved ones into drug & alcohol treatment. I took a lot of initial calls, made travel arrangements, etc. knowing this particular aspect of my previous employment you might get why this is full of FAIL:
See it yet?

Hmmm......maybe you haven't seen it yet, so I'll highlight it for you:

Yep. My old company is shilling for an online drug store on every page of their website. Seriously not cool. I think technically it isn't unethical, but seriously?

I have to assume that they don't know they have drug ads on every page, but since they don't manage the website in-house they'll probably never even notice.

March 10, 2014

Shave Like a Man

I know lately I've been posting infrequently and pretty much just funny videos. I started a new job in January that had an interesting training schedule and in the last three weeks alone I've had three different shifts.

Things are starting to settle some though, so maybe I'll get back on track.


At lunch today I managed to catch a glimpse of an awesome commercial that struck a chord with me. Was it funny? Yes. Was it split-my-sides funny? Nope, but I still feel like I have to share this gem:

February 15, 2014

Good For Her or Why Should I Give a F&^$?

Good For Her or Why Should I Give a F&^$?
I'm not sure if this is an old man rant or not, but it feels like one to me.....

Yesterday I found out that Ellen Page is gay.....about a bazillion times over. I like to go through the various Gawker sites and it seems that every single one of them is running this story.

Seriously?! This is that big of a news story you need to run it on all almost all of your sites? I've seen it pop up on numerous other sites as well.

While I get, probably don't completely understand, but generally "get" the need for someone to come out (In my head I'm thinking of "coming out" in a much broader sense than the term generally applies), it irks me that this is evidently a big deal to far too many people. The fact that someone, or in this case many someones, had to alert me to the fact that Ellen is a lesbian tells me that far too many someones give far too many damns about other people's sex lives.

Even if I was still a single man, the "news" that Ellen Page is a lesbian matters to me how? It's not likely that anyone within a couple degrees of separation of me was potentially even in her possible dating pool. Basically her sexual preference has absolutely no impact on my life whatsoever.....and I have tho think that applies to pretty much 99.99999999999999999999999% of the people reached out to by all this media.

I'm not offended, amused, or really anything other than indifferent in the least about Ellen choosing to be forthright about her sexuality. Now that I give it moment of thought, good for her. Obviously she is addressing some personal issues being in the closet for so long has created.

Too bad we have so many people pointing into said closet and shouting, "Look what we have here!"

Maybe if we didn't have this shouting, and the rest of us craning our necks to look (I'm assuming folks actually read these media articles beyond the headlines), then this wouldn't be an issue and people could just be themselves to begin with.

But....what do I know, I'm about as majority as they come. I know there is a world of things I'll never truly understand, no matter how I try. I'm sure if I'm totally in the wrong on all this my lesbian friends will straighten me out.

All I can say is I hope this announcement give Ellen what she hoped it would and apologize that I'm not reading these articles because I don't see the point to go beyond the headlines.