October 22, 2020

Companies are "People" Legally, but Should they have a Political Opinion, and Should I Care?


Companies are "People" Legally, but Should they have a Political Opinion, and Should I Care?

I know, I know.....I haven't posted much lately.

This isn't a real post, but a short rant and wish. We've got an election coming up in just a couple weeks and I for one cannot wait for it to come and go.

I'm tired of the hate

I'm tired of the idiocy

I'm tired of close-mindedness

I'm tired of the bullshit

...and I'm tired of companies campaigning for candidates, telling me how I should vote. I don't want to know about your corporate politics and I assume your stumping for a candidate means you don't want my business anymore.

April 20, 2020

A Quick Social Engineering Story

A Quick Social Engineering Story
Shorty story about having fun at the grocery store.....as some of you may know I worked grocery for a few years, but this was me as a customer.

I was in another freakin time-zone and on my way to a game convention when I stopped at a grocery store for supplies. This was one of those places where you needed an established account to get the advertised sale prices*. The cashier, a woman of about 50, asked for my account number and when I told her I didn't have one because I live 2,000 miles away from this chain of stores, she just asked me for my phone number because she could look me up by phone number.

Wow......ok. I replied "867-5309."

The bagger, a young man in his early 20's with Down's starts laughing....he gets it.

The cashier? Not a clue.....just asks me "what area code". I tell her "whatever area code we're in right now". She's clearly confused, but types it in as I suggest...

Of course the "code" works.....

....it always works. Anytime you need a phone number for some savings, try Jenny's Number....it ALWAYS works. There is always that one guy.

*If you make me sign up for an account to get coupons and sale prices basically so you can get me to pay via marketing information, just know I'll be a gay 68 year-old Jewish black woman with 12 children and an annual income of roughly $750k.....and I'll fill in every other demographic just as poorly.

April 9, 2020

Wow...it HAS been a long, long time.

Wow...it HAS been a long, long time.
I know it has been close to five years now since I last posted to this blog....long enough that anyone stumbling on this site might be all "WTFO?" and "Why bother coming back after so long....or even at all?"

Well to be honest I haven't actually stopped blogging, I just stopped on this blog...pretty much because this blog is personal, with stuff about me and my life. Not too long after my last post I discovered that my wife was...well, the long and short of it is that she chose another guy over me and we got divorced. The divorce itself took 6 or 7 months. I didn't take pretty much any of it well and life really kind of sucked for far too long. I came close to losing everything.......

I lucked out and got an odd job offer....in Oklahoma. The odd parts was I thought I was interviewing for a position, but the "interview" turned more into "You're approved, how freaking fast can you get down here?" I had about three weeks to sell my house, find a place to live, and move across country. This was May 2018 and when I got here I was told I didn't actually have a job


That only lasted a couple weeks, dumb story for another time, and I got started working as an instructor at Ft. Sill.

I thought I'd rent a house for six months, a year tops, and then I'd buy a house. Remember when I said I almost lost everything? Well that was mostly because, well stuff I don't want to get into, but it screwed with my credit and I'm still in a rental, still with some things packed in boxes.

So my timeline from my last post goes something like 9 months separated, 7 months divorcing, 16 months struggling, and 23 months working at the new job. I've considered getting back to NSRM for a while now, and this whole COVID-19 "staycation" has given me ample opportunity to get it going again.

Still doesn't really answer "Why".....my why is because I still have stories to write, crap to say, and things to docuent.

September 17, 2015

It's Official, I Grew Up in Redneckistan, IA

It's Official, I Grew Up in Redneckistan, IA

While I moved around a LOT as a kid, I manged to spend 7th grade through my senior year in one place (with summers visiting another). That place was Davis County, Iowa. There are like 8 or 9 tiny communities in the county and I lived in the 2nd largest of 200-300 people. High School and pretty much everything "civilized" worth a damn in the county was located in the county seat of Bloomfield.

Bloomfield had maybe 6K residents and the county as a while 9K, so you can see how rural the place was. What I found surprising was that Bloomfield was ranked #4 in the 10 most redneck cities in Iowa.


...glad I got out I guess. I do still miss parts of the county though...

September 11, 2015

You Just Know Somebody Has Thought of Doing This....

You Just Know Somebody Has Thought of Doing This....
I know I don't post here much because of other blogs I have going on but, I do like to throw down a funny video or random piece of crap now and then.

I think this video qualifies...