December 20, 2004

Where to begin....

I am a copycat. Not much in real life, but now. Right now. A friend of mine sent me the link to his blog and his first posting. Damn. Cool. I could do that.

Three minutes later and I'm all set. I don't know how this'll turn out, but I remember growing up and reading some journals of people's lives. There was this one of some kid's senior year and some of the crap he had to deal with. Pretty standard stuff, but in the 60's. I was riveted. Several times I've started some sort of journal but they all fail. I hate to write. I'd have failed the journal assignment given by "Killer Ed" Miller my senior year if it hadn't been for that new-fangled computer course (....programming in BASIC...). While I can't write worth a damn I can peck away at the keyboard all day without it bothering me.

I mentioned my friend in the first paragraph. We're not real close buddies, but could be/could have been. To be honest I don't make friends too easily. I might say I'm friends with so-and-so, and I don't mean any offense, but I'm talking real friends here. You know, the kind you call when you need help hiding a body. Growing up I got moved around a lot. Out on my own I joined the Air Force and moved around a lot. I've been in Boise going on 5 years in just a few days. In just a few weeks I will have lived in Boise longer than I have ever lived in one locale.

Anyway, pardon the rambling, my aformentioned associate is moving out of town in a few days. I'm pretty sad to see him go as I saw in him a kindred spirit and possibly a good, Holy Shit where do we hide the body, friend. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he's leaving.

Doesn't make sense, but he is moving "home" and moving up in his chosen carrer. He's always specified that is goal was to move back home in a few years. "Don't worry, I'll be back down quite often and we can still......." I know he means it and in his mind he's 100% right, but I've been there and I've done that. Fuck goes on.

I has to post this pic for my friend, who is a devout Illuminati fan. This is a pic of his ass. He loved the game so much he shaved is ass and got a pic of Bob tattooed on one cheek. Ever since that night (I though reputable parlors won't ink a drunk guy?) he's been very, very embarassed about it. Illuminatirob totally denies his tattoo and and although he's threatened to drop trough to prove it, nobody wants to risk seeing his hairy ass. Basically if it wasn't for this proof, it would just be my word against his. For those of you who know the man, think about it.......

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