May 9, 2006

August Tournaments

Fandemonium Convention August 4th-6th, 2006
Nampa, Idaho

The “Boise Incident” Instigators (BII) are proud to announce several HackMaster events at this year’s Fandemonium convention held just down the road in Nampa, Idaho.While particular details are still being worked out, the BII are planning on a Learn-to-Hack, Love-to-Hack session Saturday morning approximately 10 AM to 2 PM. There will be a Roll-N-Run tournament where experienced players (current HMA ) can join up with the new players from the morning’s session for the (still-to-be-written) level 1 tournament “The Test”. The Roll-N-Run portion will be 30 minutes for character creation (some shortcut guides will be made available) and the tournament will start around 4 PM.

Be forewarned: there will be no “home game” PCs allowed to play in “The Test”. All players will have to roll up PCs in the Learn-to-Hack, Love-to-Hack session, the Roll-N-Run session, or choose from a very limited selection of pre-gens (which will be created with the Roll-N-Run guidelines).

Sunday’s HackMaster action will commence around 10 AM with a level 2-4 adventure which is a continuation of “The Test” entitled “S.M.U.R.F. Hunt”.Limited lodging will be made available to traveling HMA Members, and there may be some impromptu partying after the games! If you request any additional details, feel free to contact Face on the KenzerCo boards. Also feel free to check out the Fandemonium website

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