February 24, 2008

Tournament Updates

OK...here's what we have going on. It looks like we'll be playing over at Boise State University on Saturday and Sunday, the 15th & 16th of March. The atmosphere at BSU is pretty promising and there is both plenty of parking and lots of selections for eating.

We have three tournaments lined up. I was writing one and Andrew Franklin was writing another. The third is going to be the final round of the 2007 Wurld Open. Most of the players coming up/known to be attending were participants in the Wurld Open up until the semi-finals.

I've been in communications with several members that are planning on attending and I think we'll only have a large enough group for two events, but we'll still plan on three. Worst case we don't run one event and have open gaming.

As a change I am not finishing my tournament and obtaining a "suprise" tournament that was pretty much written for half of the attendees. I'd be a fool not to try and run that tournament, especially since I'm the only one that's played it. I'm thinking it's a level 3-5 tournament, but I'm not sure.

Andrew's tournament is entitled Pike's Princess and is written for levels 4-6.

Right now lodging accomodations will be at the Marriott Courtyard not far from BSU and our home.

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