March 27, 2008

GaryCon Salt Lake City

Tournament Alert!

The Dragon Lords of the Great American Desert will be holding another tournament weekend during the Memorial Day holiday.

I'm not really being presumptuous in saying we'll have a tournament weekend as we've gotten together every Memorial Day weekend since at least 2003, when I first popped on the scene. We used to get together at CONduit, but that convention has been going downhill every since at least 2003 (and it was bad enough then!) Last year we met at the Residence Inn downtown, so I'm proposing we do so again.

That location was pretty sweet. Good food a quick walk.....nice and secluded, and we can still check out the OK (and free) parts of CONduit.

I've already invited one special guest, who had to decline due to family plans....more to follow.

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