September 6, 2008


It's been a while since I posted about my favorite Chosen One/Cleric Undead Hunter of Lathander. I had this token commissioned for use with MapTools, but we haven't had an online game since then.

Life has been busy with conventions and early HackMaster 5e playtesting.

Sometime around Memorial Day we had an interesting conversation with Bethany and Joe and Bethany related to me that she hates BALADAR. I don't get it...seriously, what's not to love? Sure he's a rather blunt straight-shooter that's a bit full of himself, but he'd gladly give up his life and the shirt off his back for his fellow adventurers. He doesn't get too preachy and he's always there for his group.

That's OK, it doesn't bother me. In fact, I just find the whole thing amusing. We chatted a bit more and decided we should get shirts made up. Bethany's shirt would say, "I Hate BALADAR!"; Joe's shirt will say, "Have you seen BALADAR?"; Carolyn's shirt was to read "I *heart* BALADAR"; and mine would say "I AM BALADAR". Trying to work out the logistics would be interesting. I figured I'd try to get the Fraim brothers to do up a PC sketch, get permission to put it on a shirt, and go from there. I sent a request in early June and never heard from them. I double-checked the address they had on the website and resubmitted...nada. At Origins I mentioned my problems with another gamer who knew sombody, who knew somebody and shortly after we get back I got an email. Evidently they use a different email now.

After some back and forth, and me sending payment that's made out incorrectly, I finally get my pic. Too bad it's too late for GenCon. I think I'll go forward, just get a generic BALADAR shirt made up and then have the other stuff embrodiered on.

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