October 13, 2008

Not enough game

My group didn't get together this last weekend. Bummer. Carolyn and I showed up and the GM was there, but that was it. We need to recruit a few more players. We're playing Saturday late afternoon/early evening (MST) for the next couple months but then we should be switching back to our Tuesday night "regular" schedule.

One of my Play By Post games went kaput and the other one has been experiencing odd lags.

Well, at least we have a Halloween weekend of gaming scheduled for Salt Lake City. I've tried to invite quite a few people.....3 from Boise, 1 from Tennessee, and another from Spokane. I haven't heard back from my buddy in Spokane, but the rest are a no-go. I'm taking care of the hotel and even the transport for TN and Boise.......oh well.

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