July 15, 2011


I just got off the phone with Key Bank.  In 2007, at the request of my employer, I opened up a security box there for him to stash his will.  Since you cannot open a box up for someone else, the idea was that he would go with me at a later date to the bank and we'd switch the box over to his name and we'd get one of his sisters to be an additional signer so there would be three of us that could access the box.

In the last four years he has never bothered to do anything regarding that box.  I quit working for him late last year, so it's been eight months that he's had the keys.  Key Bank wants me to come in with him on Tuesday and take care of this matter.  I explained I don't have the keys and frankly I don't care.  The Bank has agreed to let me come in and close the box, but they cannot complete the transaction until they get their keys back.

I think I should get paid for doing this.

Normally I'd just do it as a show of good faith, but the company ruined any "good faith" when they tried to attach an illegal agreement to the remittance of my final paycheck.

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