August 25, 2011

What the hell Gowalla?

I got notified via Twitter that one of my favorite iPhone apps, Gowalla, is deciding to dump the one true feature this location-aware check-in app has that differentiates itself from the likes of Foursquare, Google Latitude, and the like: items.

When you check into a Gowalla location you have a chance of scoring a free item that you can leave at locations or trade with items at locations.  Most items were themed a bit towards where you could find them and some were rare items.  I managed to get a pair of Red Toms Shoes that were a promotional Gowalla item.  Find a pair of red shoes and you get a real pair of shoes.

For me there was a bit of the thrill of the hunt. If I knew I was going on a trip I'd scout out ahead and see what I could find.  On on trip to SoCal I made a side trip to a Presidential Library so I could check in and get a Moon Rock, which was only available at locations that had an actual moon rock on display.

Gowalla made travel much more fun for me.  I managed to get all but a small handful of the normal items.  I am only missing 8 out of roughly 170 items.  Now...who cares, Gowalla is giving up the treasure hunt business altogether.

Makes me wonder though.....did Alamofire, the creators of Gowalla, get bought out by HP?  Dropping such a differential item from your app seems very HP to me.  You can read the Gowalla information for yourself straight from the source.

If you happen to have any of the Gowalla items I'm missing and happen to be coming through Boise, let me know.  I'd love to top off my collection before the opportunity is gone forever.

My Missing Gowalla item list:
Hitchhiking Ghost
Gowalla baby balloon animal

NBA Finals Trophy

Incase Perforated Shell
Partner Statue
National Geographic Magazine

Delivering Happiness

Incase Messenger Bag

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