October 9, 2011

Back in the saddle again

I tried to get a good night's sleep, but Polly had other ideas.  She likes to wait patiently until she thinks I've let my guard down, like falling asleep, before wedging her head under my chin and start licking my neck.  Every once in a while she throws in a small bite.  It was cute the first time, but when you are tired......

I wouldn't be surprised if this behavior is the reason she was returned to the shelter.  I think she'll grow out of it, and if she doesn't....well that is a problem for me.  I knew this is her third home, not counting any stops at the shelter or Zamzows.  The Germans have a saying: "A dog moves with the owner, the cat stays with the house."  Polly has gone through a lot and she'll get a lot more leeway for some time.

Screen shot?
She did leave me alone long enough to get some sleep, but by the time she decided to give up completely and sleep on Carolyn's pillow instead my 9 AM alarm went off.  Instead of getting up I flopped around for a couple of hours.  It's a lazy Sunday I guess.

Boomer Bile or "Puke"
In considering what I want to accomplish today I realized there was a package I wanted to ship off to Kenzer & Company tomorrow, which means I should make a run to FedEx to have something printed up.  If I'm going there I might as well try and get my Bile Bomb label done for the Halloween costume prop.  I have one more label to make, but that one will require a little more work and I haven't found the right bottle to use yet.

Like before, I found someone who had done a bit of work putting together a Bile Bomb label.  I think they managed to simply download a skin from the game.  It's too small for my purposes.  This is going to be a difficult build as it is, so it isn't going to come out perfect no matter what I do.  My primary concern is safety, so instead of a glass jar, which makes more sense if this were "real", I'm needing to use plastic.  I looked around a lot of places trying to find something that felt like the right size and I discovered after my forays into the marketplaces of Boise and the internet that I already had the right bottle at home.  Since I'll probably post either a blog post and/or an instructable on the build itself, I won't throw out any spoilers.  Of course this is assuming I am successful.

I'll re-post my "fair use" paragraph, in case anyone wants to use this for their own costume:
If anyone comes across this blog or picture and wants to use it for their own [Bile Bomb], feel free to email me for the source file (which is 600 DPI to make resizing easier) or feel free to use it from here.  All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due and don't claim it as your own work.  Simply adjusting a small portion of the graphic is not making it your own work. 

This label is technically a bit larger than 4x6.  I extended the graphic out some to create a black boarder to make cutting the label out a bit easier.  The pill bottle label got a minor font size tweak for one point and the same treatment.  The handwritten font here is actually my handwriting.  While original has some wear marks, I wanted to start with a fresh label that I could weather after it is applied.

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