December 15, 2011

Alaska Airlines Contest?

I guess I can add Alaska Airlines to the group of airlines that cannot figure out how to use the internet worth a damn.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like Alaska Airlines, but I can't stand  high levels of stupidity, especially when they comes from the marketing folks......and for the record, if you are in sales you are also in marketing.  If you interact with the customer at any time, you are in some part a member of the company marketing team.

If you look through my EPIC FAIL posts, you'll see that in my opinion companies drop the ball either with sales or customer support.  Sometimes though, it is the actual marketing folks that drop the ball.

This morning I started my normal routine of firing up the laptop and checking my email.  There was a lot more email than normal and one was my monthly Alaska Airlines mileage statement.  The title of the email was, "Win 150K Miles in this Month's e-Statement".  I don't know about you, but I could stand to win 150K airmiles.  Hells yeah I'm gonna sign up for that contest!  That would dump 10x my current mileage into my account.  All I have to do is click the little "enter to win" button.

I clicked the link on the hour-old email so that I could go through the steps of registering for this contest.  I figured I'd have to watch a video or click through some informational screens.  No big deal, especially since I would actually want to find out about this partnership.

Too slow....I guess I should have been waiting at my computer for this contest email because getting to it within the hour was just too long.

Seriously?!  If you want to advertise a special contest to encourage people to essentially look at your company's advertising (their mileage programs are advertising efforts) then maybe you should make sure that the contest is.....I don't know....actually running when you make the announcement.

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