December 12, 2011

Websites Good For a Laugh

I'm sure you've noticed the rotating banner at the top of my blog where I highlight other blogs that I follow.

If you've been a regular reader, one of my four regulars, you've no doubt come across my post where I linked a ton of sites I check with assorted frequencies.

Today I'm going to pitch a trio of websites that I enjoy reading.  I'm certain one made it to my earlier post, but I've finally stumbled upon the other two.

There are a lot of idiots in the world.  We have to have them if for no other reason to make the rest of us look better.  When you work in retail you have a unique opportunity to come across a much larger range of idiots, morons, and just plain dolts.  My last retail job was as a manager so most of the memorable people I came across were just those trying to rip off the store in some fashion, like the lady who wanted me to give her $1450 in cash and product because she knowingly painted her walls with the wrong color paint.

"The Customer is" Not Always Right is a great collection of retail stupidity.  They've just spun off another website Not Always Related.  In my opinion it isn't as funny as the Not Always Right website, but that is a temporary issue.  It is a new site with items culled from the main site.  Once they start getting submissions specifically for Not Always Related, then the quality will go up.

The third website in the trio is Not Always Romantic.  The humor can be a bit more adult, but not terribly so.  This spin-off site has been around for a while, so the entries there aren't copies.  I got some good laughs in this morning.  Here's a great example....or at least I thought it was great:

Me: “What are you thinking about?”
Him: “You. Boobs. Naked.”
Me: “You’re so romantic.”
Him: “Actually, I was thinking that if you actually had a barrel of monkeys, it wouldn’t be very much fun because the ones on the bottom would get squashed.”
(I laugh hysterically.)

I hope you find these sites as funny as I do.

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