January 19, 2012

Dice Superstitions

Over the years I have had many dice.  My original D&D and Star Frontiers dice have been lost to the ages, but the majority of my other dice are still floating around.  I've acquired some rather odd dice, like a d34, and most of them remain sequestered in a small leather satchel I use just for dice.

A couple of years ago I became a bit of a "dice snob" and began using Gamescience dice almost exclusively. I'm a little superstitious when it comes to my dice and I believe in having what I consider the best.  Generally speaking they don't let me down.

One time, however, they did let me down and my PC almost died.  I place the blame squarely on Jolly Blackburn.  My gaming dice kit is a cigar box with dividers between each cigar.  Each compartment is perfect for my dice and the lid is the same depth as the bottom and folds down flat.  I bought two of the same cigar boxes and asked Jolly to draw "something" on a couple of pieces of leather that I cut down to fit the lid as an insert.  I kept one box and gave the other to my buddy Topher (the guy running for Congress).  Topher's box has BA and mine has Brian.

Shortly before we started out normal Sunday night game I hopped onto the KenzerCo forums and planted a Rick-Roll in a forum post.  During the game we had three PCs in the back of a cave that required everyone to carefully squeeze through a tight entrance.  In the back of the cave was a ghoul.  Just when I needed my dice the most I got a tweet from Jolly in response to him falling for the Rick-Roll.  It was a simple tweet, "Curse You!"

We all had a good laugh for a moment and then we got back to gaming.  I picked up my d20 and prepared to Turn the Ghoul.  I rolled a "1".....an epic failure.  Fortunately I have a mulligan with this PC, which allows me one free re-roll per session.  Taking the mulligan I pick up the die and roll again......another "1".  I burn 10 points of Honor for another mulligan.  That's an expensive price to play, but there are PCs' lives at stake here.  The Ghoul had already paralyzed one PC and the other was trying to fight them off.  Should I switch out the die with a fresh one?  I put the one d20 back in the box and then pick up a fresh one.  *shooka* *shooka*....and one roll later my result is "2".

Crap!  I remembered that right before I made the roll I rubbed it on Jolly's fame-rub signature in the lid of my box.  That die was cursed by Jolly's signature....and then I put it in the box before pulling a "fresh" die.  The whole box is contaminated now.  We muddle through the session without anyone dying, but not for the lack of my dice trying.

What I need is an old-fashioned dice cleansing..........to be continued.

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