January 13, 2012

Finally got to use one of my Christmas Presents!

I've blogged before about how much I liked my new shave routine and how I was hoping to eventually get a badger brush.

My wife bought me a Vulfix 2234 Super Badger Brush for Christmas. I haven't been able to use the brush yet because I didn't have a way to properly store the brush after use.  It would be a crime against shaving to use such a fine brush and not take care of it properly.

If you weren't already aware, there are four grades of badger brushes, which can cost upwards of over a grand.  Over $1K for a brush?  The grades of badger brushes are Pure, Best, Super, and Silvertip.

My shaving setup
Until today I had been using a boar bristle brush.  Today my order from Amazon arrived giving me a new stand that I could rest by brush and razor on.  The brush needs to dry bristles-down or the bristle's softness and ability to retain moisture get damaged.

The boar bristle brush is cheap, felt cheap, but did the job ok.  My new brush gave me a nice, thick lather and it felt like my face was being caressed by angels.  The difference was surreal. I'm guessing the boar bristle cost $1 and the super badger brush in the $50 range.  I can say that the new brush is more than 50x better than the old one.

It was made on the Isle of Man, which is interesting. Handmade with turned faux-ivory handle, it rocks.  I feel like shaving again right now......is three times a day too much?

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