January 27, 2012

Lonely (old) Coot

We get a bit of wildlife in our neighborhood.  Usually it's frogs, the odd raccoon, and a few ducks.  A coyote wandered into the neighborhood the other week.  Fish & Game tried to catch it, but were unsuccessful.

Another visitor we got last week was a Coot.  I knew what Coots were, but I have never seen one before this time.  Usually they gather in flocks during the winter, so seeing one solo this time of year is odd.

I've tried taking some pictures of it, but it keeps it's distance, probably because I usually have Tessa with me when I'm down by the creek.  Sometimes the Coot is completely alone and the rest of the time it is with the large flock of ducks that have taken to wintering in our creek.

Obviously Coots spend time in Idaho because they were in season until today.

OK, solo Coot, you can leave the safety of Boise and rejoin your flock.....

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