January 25, 2012

New York Style Pizza

This afternoon the Mrs. and I went downtown to represent the various Toastmasters clubs here in the the Treasure Valley during the Idaho Business League Expo.

After the Expo was over for the day we went out for dinner.  Since we were downtown, a trip over to Guido's for pizza and garlic bread was in order.

I'm a huge fan of Guido's, but I like New York Style pizza.  I won't pretend to be an expert, but in my travels I've come across four basic types of pizza: New York, "American", Chicago Deep Dish, and Polish.

New York Style is thin with large slices.  I'll get back to this in a minute.

"American" is a generic pizza like what you would normally get at Domino's or Pizza Hut.  This is normally what I get when I'm anywhere but Guido's.

Chicago Deep Dish is a monster of a pizza that is an entire meal in a slice.  It is as far opposite of the pizza spectrum it can be from New York Style pizza.  You need a knife and fork to eat a slice of Chicago Deep Dish.

Polish pizza is something I've just had once and it may have been a regional or just a local variation, but I've had it once and hated it enough that even 20-some years later I still remember it.  It was like a New York Style, cut smaller, with extremely thick cheese and equally thick toppings.  The slices I ate had at least 1/2" thick slices of what tasted like hot dog on it.  Now I like cheese...and I like hot dogs, but the combo of them together on a thin slice of crust was disgusting.

Now back to my rationale behind today's post.  Carolyn and I were eating a Guido's.  Guido's serves New York Style pizza, which is a large, thin slice.  Now if you have never had this style of pizza....well first of all, you need to get out more.  Second, there is a simple...and natural way to eat a slice.  You fold it in half down the middle and hold in one hand as you eat the slice.  The first few bites you really don't need to worry about folding the slice over, but pretty soon the pie will be bigger than your mouth.

Odds are if you have never seen anyone eat a slice of New York Style pizza, you would figure out, or I hope you would figure it out.  If you have any problems, Guido's was so kind as to provide a framed graphic on the wall demonstrating just how to eat a slice of of their pizza.

With all this lead-in, guess what I saw while trying to enjoy my garlic bread?  Yes, some mouth-breather simply mashing his slice into his pie-hole.  He got sauce and topping all over his cheeks.  This guy looked 45ish and had just gotten off work.  He might as well been pushing the food in sideways.  It was pretty disgusting.  Should I mention he was actually facing the "How to eat..." picture as he mooshed his meal in his gaping maw?

So glad I was nearly done with my meal....

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