April 4, 2012

Wil Wheaton & Felicia Day Coming to Origins!

Awesome web-show about a group of online game players.
I was playing around with Twitter and saw a retweeted post from one Dave Fitzgerald: "Just found out @wilw and @feliciaday are coming to origins. First good guest stars in almost a decade. Good job GAMA."

Huh....what?  Awesome, but too bad that they are both coming to what I'm predicting (and hoping I'm wrong) will be a relatively bad convention.  Moving the con up to the same week as Memorial Day....Memorial Day during a recession, is going to really cut down on attendance.

Guess that means I'll have more time to visit with these two!

For some reason I don't follow Felicia Day on Twitter.  I'm pretty sure I used to, but evidently stopped for some reason.  Too bad for me because I'm missing out on some of her upcoming projects.

One of which is a kick-ass song.  Listen and watch, then head on over to iTunes to download a copy for yourself.


Ice Man said...

I agree in the bad timing with the recession, also with the recession a little over priced on the photos and autograph when at other show they are at you get free autographs and photos ( with your own camera ) with the admission price. Then for you to be able to take a camera to the place to take pictures and then be told you can't take pictures of Wil without paying was bad, was not Wil that said that just wanted to point that at. Lucky I took video. Out of all the famous people ( stars, musicians ect. ) I only paid for one, 20.00 for 4 autographs and autographed photo with said person. Now I have a collection of over 100 autographs and photos and made some good friendships with some of them.

Christopher Stogdill said...

I didn't think that those prices were set by the GoH themselves because it was rather high and uniform.

I briefly saw Wil when he came into the one room at the Bar on Two, but he was looking for table space and I was in a game. No reason to disturb him.