April 6, 2012

Ze Frank

I was watching some comedians on the TED Talks and saw a couple bits by Ze Frank.  This guys is funny, but not hilarious.  It is hard to describe but I see him basically as an observant man who connects with people and points out many funny and touching things.

If your websurf much at all you've probably come across some of his work and never even realized it.  He's gotten people to do things and share those efforts with him, like the Young Me, Now Me.

His website looks kind of atrocious, but it is chock full of awesome.

Some of the mini-games are quite cool, but I was drawn to some of the audio projects.

Scared came about from a father's email about his daughter who was afraid of the proverbial monsters in the closet.  I was touched after hearing the song and later learning that the girl took it on as a mantra to make her life a little easier.

Chillout was inspired by one woman's email seeking something to help her from feeling overwhelmed after a move to a new city.  Evidently while this project was being put together she emailed back again not knowing that this was just a couple days from completion.  Hearing some of the parts of this song really added to me hearing the completed version.

*If you happen to go to his site and buy these songs I don't get anything for it, so their inclusion is not advertising for me, just showing you something I thought was cool.

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