April 7, 2012

Funny "Private" Muppet Clip from the 70's

Funny Muppet Show ad pitch to network executives
Recently I watched The Muppets, and I really liked the movie.  Of course it didn't hurt that I like Marshall.....er, I mean Jason Segel and Amy Adams, but growing up on a semi-steady diet of the Muppet Show I really liked Animal and Dynamite Harry*.

Harry had a lot more screen time in this movie than is normal, which I liked.

One of my favorite Muppets from back in the day
Anyway in my web travels I came across an executive pitch for putting the Muppet Show on the air back in the 70's.  The original clip had an extra bit tacked on the end where Kermit the Frog comes out and says, "What the Hell was that all about?"

I found this clip hilarious and thought you might like it too.  If you want to see it at the full size on your TV you can find it in the DVD set of the Muppet Show Season 1 box set.

*I know his proper name is "Crazy Harry", but I've been calling him Dynamite Harry for almost 30 years....

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