January 26, 2012

Dice Cleansing Ritual

In an earlier post I mentioned how Jolly Blackburn cursed my dice, causing them to completely abandon me in a time of need.  I was able to swap out to new dice before any PCs died.

When I got home I had to start an old-fashioned dice-cleansing.  This is not a step to take lightly because it not only takes a long time, but there is a risk that your dice don't reset to a positive, or even a neutral state.  If you follow all the steps and your dice remain tainted you will have no option but to throw them out...along with the dice box and the fame rub.

The first step was to isolate the dice.  First you have to find an appropriate container.  I have a goblet that was a trophy from winning the German National Tournament in 1996.  After cleaning it out with some special Jeremiah Weed (that has a story of it's own, I'll have to tell someday). I put in all the dice and covered them with Kosher Salt, which has a history of use in magic.  The salt isn't enough by itself.  The opening of the goblet is covered with a book written by the man himself.  Master of the Game by Gary Gygax.  The dice and salt-filled goblet is set aside for at least a month.

At the time of a new moon (not just the day, but the time) the dice are uncovered in preparation of actual cleansing.  The new moon is the moon of possibilities and recharge.  Do NOT undertake a dice cleansing ritual on any other night, or during the day.  It can be done, but it is extremely risky and not likely to succeed.  These dice are expensive, so take that into account.  Each die is pulled out individually, rolled until it shows the maximum result, and set aside.  The dice are smudged with white sage, as is the dice box.  The dice are carefully placed back into the box and smudged again.

I was lucky.  The dice cleansing was successful.

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