May 29, 2012

Blogography Guest Post

This isn't Christopher, this is Dave2 from Blogography! Christopher is off testing a new kind of rocket fuel made from nitroglycerine, napalm, and Charlie Sheen's urine this week, so who knows if we'll ever see him again.

When I was asked to guest-post for Not-So-Random Musings, I wanted to do something topical and appropriate. But then I changed my mind and wanted to do something depraved and totally inappropriate. And why not? This isn't my blog... what do I care if Christopher gets arrested for not-so-random indecent blogging? But then I changed my mind again, because his wife might get upset and come after me for revenge. That would be a bummer... so what can I blog about that won't end up with me assassinated by attack ninjas for hire?


Dave and Bad Monkey on HackMaster
As anybody who has read this blog knows, Christopher is kind of into that game. And by "kinda into it" I mean he's totally obsessed with it.

But what is HackMaster? I didn't really know... until I tracked down a friend who's into gaming. "Is it like Dungeons and Dragons? I've played Dungeon and Dragons before!" I asked. "Well, yes... it's a role-playing game that's derived from Dungeons and Dragons, but it's a lot more detailed," he replied. "Huh?" I said... "I've played D&D where the Dungeon Masters have been pretty darn detailed. One DM I campaigned with even tracked when characters needed to go to the bathroom so they had a chance of having to pee in the middle of battling a dragon or something."
"Ah, but only in HackMaster would the GameMaster roll to see if you sprinkled on the toilet rim, then go on to tell you how many squares of toilet paper it took to clean it up." 

"Wha-? Are you serious?"

"Yes. That's why people who play HackMaster are crazy."

And then, just like that, everything became clear. Now I completely understand why Christopher would post a sixty-two-page blog entry detailing how to convert Dungeon and Dragon characters to work with HackMaster earlier this month... he's crazy! Or he just really likes obsessing over HackMaster.

But probably because he's crazy.

I'll have to roll a 2d4 to get his base sanity, then subtract a 3d6 + 5d8 for brain damage to know for sure.

NSRM Note: This is HackMaster 4th Edition Dave's friend is referring to.  The current edition isn't derived from any "lesser" game and you only have to lose 2d6p brain damage if you are a grognard.

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