May 28, 2012

VESSEL is a Cool SciFi Short

Cool SciFi 13 Minute Short
I found a cool short Sci-Fi video/movie that wasn't quite what I expected.  The first thing that came to mind was a movie I cannot seem to recall.  I thought it starred Farrah Fawcett, but an IMDB search came up blank.

The story that I'm thinking about was about a future earth where people were dying.  They had the ability to steal people from history and they went back to grab people off of airplanes that were set to crash.  Of course this was decades ago and my memory for old movies tends to go off a bit.

This video is about airplanes too, but is a different story and much cooler in 13 minutes than that old 90 minute film was.

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sue said...

Wasn't that a different Charlie's Angel... one of the last ones, Cheryl Ladd. Also Kris Kristopherson. Movie called "Millennium" (if this is the same movie you're thinking of...