May 20, 2012

Where's the Love?

D12 with I "Heart" RPG's
I came across this gigantic infographic today explaining various kinds of Geeks, but there isn't a Grognard entry, or even just a "regular" RPG Geek.

It was a pleasant enough read: a little true, a little funny, but of course not quite on the mark.

I just wish they had the all-important Gamer Geek.....and I mean Role-Playing Gamer Geek, not Xbox fanboy geek.

Lately there seems to be a trend for society to legitimize the term "gamer" to mean someone who plays video games.  Even to this day I have problems explaining to my family that I play RPGs, not Xbox.  Well, I do play Xbox, but the context at the time was RPGs.

My addition to the infographic

The Sacred Order of Geeks
Source: BCO

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images2icons said...

I understand Jolly, I play a few Computer MMORPG's, but I am mostly a "tabletop" gamer, and that is how I refer to them when in discussion. "tabletop" meaning with books and dice of course.

It is kind of frustrating in a way only us "tabletop" rpgers can understand. Sady enough, !

SOme day someone will do us justice, as they did some 10-15 years ago.