September 10, 2012

The Joys of an Older Vehicle

Maggie, my 1978 Toyota FJ40
I reported a couple weeks ago that my FJ40 had lost the clutch master cylinder.

Today I finally got the money to go get parts.  I shopped around and ended going with NAPA because they had the parts "in stock" at the warehouse.  I was able to put the parts on order and was expecting a call when they got in.

The call came real quick, within an hour.  Evidently the parts aren't "in stock" or in the "warehouse".  The master cylinder is in Post Falls, Idaho; the slave cylinder is somewhere in Washington; and the brake cable is in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Instead of being able to simply pick up the parts when the come in I have to drive over to the store and pay for them in advance.  The parts are in other NAPA stores and the local store has to "buy" them from the other stores.  Evidently the new brake line I wanted is completely out of stock and the replacement is kind of expensive....and I'm expected to pay $8 for shipping from SLC.

Seeing as it isn't a special brake line, aside from having M10 connectors on it, I think paying $8 for what should be a $12 line is a bit much.  Evidently I couldn't just say "screw it" and sourced it elsewhere because the local store already bought it for me.  I wasn't happy that their system tried to do a switcheroo on me, telling me I could get a certain part for $12 and not tell me I also had to pay 75% extra for shipping.

Luckily the local store was kind enough to lower the price of the more expensive (I never did get a price) to the $12 and since I was getting an unexpected 10% off my total order because I did this online initially, I wasn't going to let it bother me too much.  In the end I paid within $1 of what I thought I was getting the parts for.

Now I just have to wait a couple days for everything to arrive.  Fortunately this is supposed to be an easy fix.  Of course, I've thought this before entering into other car repair jobs.

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