December 1, 2012

Trying to Get Stuff to Work

Trying to get stuff to work
Today I tried to get a few things in order and none of them worked.

I noticed this blog had lost the working label sphere and pretty much none of my attempts to revive it worked.  For some reason there is an on-going issue where Blogger doesn't want to save HTML changes to the base template.  Changes to widgets in their own window seem to stick, and a couple of minor changes to the main access point to the blog's code seem to work, but adding or deleting entire lines of code are a no-go.  Evidently Google is aware of this issue and are working on it.

So for now all I can do is offer you a standard label "cloud".

In preparation for my HackMaster game tomorrow I tried getting a Wiki setup on my web server.  I was planning on using a TiddlyWiki, but I specifically wanted some experience working with a more traditional Wiki.  I tried to install MediaWiki and PmWiki, but nothing seemed to work. I ended up having to get online with my web server's tech support and even after they installed the wiki software it wouldn't work.  Now I have a support ticket.....but no wiki.

I didn't have to have the wiki up, but it would have been cool to be able to start documenting my HackMaster campaign in a new format.

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