February 10, 2013

Sweet Space Jam

Awesome song
Lately it seems, to me at least, that Commander Hadfield of the International Space Station has become a bit of a media whore.....

....I'm surprisingly ok with this.

If there is a small chance that Commander's Hadfield's many recently publicized activities interests some of today's impressionable young minds, then please.....please do more of this.  It seems that despite all NASA's successes, they are continually getting their funding and missions cut.  I'd like to see where we would be today without the countless innovations handed down to us through our space programs.

I know that Commander Hadfield is Canadian and not part of NASA, but it's close enough and I'm hoping for some positive bleed-over here.

Enough with my musings, enjoy this kick-ass song that Gizmodo gave me a head's-up on:

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