May 17, 2013

CSI Graduating Class of 2013

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Today is my graduation from college.

At 7 PM tonight in the College of Southern Idaho's gymnasium I could be walking across the stage as part of CSI's 40th graduating class.

Could be.....but I'm not. I don't see the point in driving 2 hours one-way to get my 2nd Associate's Degree, 4th overall college degree. I think it is great that CSI has an actual commencement ceremony and the folks attending to get those diplomas should be congratulated.

I hope those getting their Associates Degrees move on to earn their Bachelor's and those getting Technical Certificates find the type of employment they are looking for.

I just don't feel the same pride for this accomplishment than what many others would. I'm just looking forward to the next step of the VRAP program which is help getting a job. If it wasn't for this unemployment I hope I would have been working on an MBA instead of an Associates. I'm hoping that is still in my future, but only time will tell.

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