June 21, 2013

Hazing Incident Shows Escalating Creep of Bullying

Hazing Incident Shows Escalating Creep of Bullying
I remember, back in the day, when "hazing" was little more than a few stupid pranks, like sending the new guy for map rectangles or making him change the winter air out of the tires and put in the summer air.

It seems like over the years hazing has just become another term for bullying, but this time you bully people that you like?

A slow and steady escalation of hazing BS over the years has finally come to a head. There are a couple safe for work, but disturbing, pictures that I'll post after the break. If you come in straight to this article there isn't much I can do.
Kiro 7 Eyewitness News, a CBS affiliate from Kenmore, WA, reports that an initiation to a non-
Image Courtesy Kiro7
sanctioned "spirit group" resulted in some severe beatings of seven juniors from Inglemoor High School.

I won't go heavier into the details because you can just read the news report here.

If you can bear with me for a moment, I would like you to reflect on the thought that these seven juniors were selected to join the ranks of a high-school cheer group, allegedly a good thing. The attackers selected these seven to join their ranks and reports are that those getting beaten weren't reporting their injuries, or their attackers, to the police. Kenmore, WA is a nice suburb NE of Seattle.

Image Courtesy Kiro7
Now if these victims were potential friends of the attackers, how do you think they treat folks they don't like? This thought of ├╝ber-violent bullies in high school sends a chill down my spine, even more so coming from such a nice neighborhood.

We really need to do more about bullying in all its various guises. I still think the folks over at GLAAD are on the right track with Spirit Day.

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