March 8, 2021

Bread & Butter Pickles


Bread & Butter Pickles
Since I've been spending a lot of time home alone trying not to spend money, I've needed something to do. In the last couple weeks I've done a LOT of pickles. 

Yes, started with vegetables, and then I went to eggs (which I haven't posted yet), then I went to salt-cured eggs (again, future post) and then pickled onions (OMG, amazing and I'll post that one next). Basically I've been fiddle-farting around with a bunch of new pickles and ferments.........oh yeah, getting back into my Sourdough as well, but the one thing I haven't done is straight up "regular" pickles.

I do have two recipes for pickles from one of my Grandmothers and one of them I've actually been wanting to eat for some time, so today was the day to make some Bread & Butter Pickles....but I couldn't find my cookbook where I recorded the recipe!


Luckily I managed to figure out that I had typed it up on an online Google Document, so I was good to go...after getting supplies from the store. The recipe I had written down was for twice the amount that I ended up making, but the brine/syrup/liquid listed was good for the half batch I made tonight, so lucky me. A big bonus was that I picked up my cucumbers at Walmart where they had smaller cucumbers in 2# bags, which was convenient.

Bread & Butter Pickles

Initial ingredients

2 qts                Thick sliced cucumbers (about 4 pounds)

2 medium        Sliced onions

1/2 cup            Pickling Salt

Soaking in Ice Water

Combine and let stand in ice water for 2 to 3 hours.  Drain well


5 cups            Sugar

3 cups            Vinegar

1 tsp                Celery Seed

1 tsp                Mustard Seed

1/2 tsp             Ground Tumeric

Combine mixture with cucumbers and onions.  Bring to boil and pack into sterilized jars.  Cover with liquid and seal.

Finished Pickles
Notes: The cucumbers and onions look like they were way too much for the liquid, but they cooked down some as everything heated up. I just packed into clean jars and did not seal, since I just put them into the fridge. I was able to get one half-gallon jar and three pint jars of pickles from all this.

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