March 3, 2005


I've been using that "Hello" program to try and put pics on my blog. It hasn't been working lately. First the program can't "see" the pics on my computer and then it doesn't upload them...although it says it does. So, for the short-term, no new pics.

I'ts been a while in the making, but I finally finished the new database for Kenzer & Company's HackPack team. The previous HackPack Manager had been using a series (actually just a crapload) of Excel files to keep track of everybody. One of my first goals was to transfer everything over to a database. Of course the new database is twice the size of all the old files combined, but in the end it'll actually save space. Most of the bulk of the database is just the various forms, queries, and reports I've set up. The data is next to nothing. I'm still gonna tweak a few things, but the majority of the work, and definately all of the hard stuff, is done.

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