April 17, 2005

Got a job.....

I didn't want to jinx it, but as I've been there for a week I think it's ok to announced that I am now no longer unemployed. A friend of mine, actually the GM from our D&D group, let me know that there was probably an opening at the office he used to work at. After putting in a good word for me, I got an interview at Southworth Associates (http://www.southworthassociates.net). Unfortunately they couldn't use me as the position they wanted to fill works ofr a state agency contract that requires the employees to have a Social Sciences BA/BS. I don't get that, but hey....rules are rules.

I'd like to say they liked me so much that they created a new position for me. That may be true, but I think it's a bit over-the-top. Basically they are wanting to grow their business in a new direction and I was a good candidate to help them do just that. Right now I'm just learning the ropes, but it seems easy enough. I'm not making what I was at Fred Meyers, but I like this work quite a bit more and think I'm going to fit in well. Of course they may very well decide to let me go too.....I'm on "probation" for 90 days and the did let another employee go this week.

The office manager pulled me aside to break the news of the termination, since she didn't want to freak me out or anything. I told her that as long as it was a business decision and not personal, I don't care. Business is business.....if I'm not right for the job I don't expect to be strung along.

I know I haven't gone into details about the job, but due to the specific nature of what I'm doing, it's best to not give details. It's a M-F 9-6 office gig in a small office. Aside from the owner (who is gone most of the time) I'm the only guy in the office. If anything, that'll be the hardest thing to get accustomed to. I've heard more about diets and tanning in the last week than I have pretty much all of my life. I think it's funny since I'm the typical clueless dude. One of my co-workers goes to a tanning session, comes back to the desk near me, and everyone else is like, "you look dark/tan/nice/etc." and I have to wait a while to figure out what happened.

Guys (not homo or metrosexual), do you really notice if a woman has split ends or is 1/100th of a shade darker than and hour ago? I don't and make sure I don't deny that fact. I consider myself lucky if I notice my wife has some new clothes, but I'm a cheapskate (at least lately with being unemployed) and I do the laundry. Does that make me any more wrong?

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Illuminati Rob said...

lol.......Well, fortunately the only women I really ever work with on a daily basis are the ones I arrest, so I don't have to deal with the crazy crap of, "Oh, you look so nice today with your *blah insert here* done that way. While I have been told I am a "metrosexual" I sure as hell don't pay attention to that crap. lol By the way.........I LOVE your what you have done with your hair big boy. lol