May 23, 2005

Some Catch-Up

I'm getting settled into the new job and learning the ropes. The program I'm managing doesn't have many clients in it (yet), so I'm keeping quite busy making travel arrangements for the boss....who travels a lot. In the last month I've been here at Southworth Associates the boss has been here but a handful of days. He's one of those guys who is always "on" 24/7. It has been interesting, and I like it.

On the gaming side of life, the Mrs. and I went down to Provo, UT for a local HackMaster tournament. We intended to make it a down and back trip, but we were just too tired and ended up crashing on a friend's floor that night (Thanks Joe & Bethany). I almost lost my much-beloved DS Invoker to a fireball followed up by a Hellacious Bolt of Pain +8. That combo nocked me down to -2 HP and in HackMaster, if you get nocked down to -4 in a single blow you're dead.

Our D&D group is also doing fairly well. I know the DM has something special planned for each PC and it seems that "my turn" comes first. Bascially I've been given a book to translate with the payment being all of the books and bag (something along the lines of a Bag of Tomes) belonging to my former employer. The only problem is that the arrangement is that the property is MINE and a couple of the other players are already making plans for the contents of the bag. My PC doesn't mind sharing, but should've been asked first. JR (my PC) will have to nip those assumptions in the bud.

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