July 5, 2005

More Gaming....

Ok, I'll admit it. I like to game. I don't get to game enough. Pretty much every Friday night is game night. We try to play D&D, but we have a pretty big group and getting everybody together can be a pain. On those Fridays we can't get together my wife and I have been hosting a smaller group at our house. We play Hackmaster sometimes, but usually just get together, have a beer or two, and unwind from the week by playing an assortment of board games.

Lately we've been playing Monopoly: Lord of the Rings edition. I never liked Monopoly. Takes to damned long and the game just bogs down. The Lord of the Rings edition is a little bit different....if you use the optional rules. One of the dice has the Eye of Sauron replacing the 1. You have the one Ring which starts on the first property. Everytime the Eye is rolled you advance the Ring one property. When the Ring makes it around to Mt Doom the game is over. One cool thing is that if you land on a property that has the Ring already on it (the ring moves before the player does) the player either gets the property for free or pays double rent.

We played the game again last night with a friend (my D&D GM) who didn't have anything else planned for the 4th of July. He usually does well (IE I do poorly), but on the 2nd game I got him to land on a Yellow property that both a Hotel and the Ring.....$1600 coming my way!

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