January 4, 2006

Just a quick glimpse of my weekend...

Now I don't have too much time at the moment to detail the "fun" I had this weekend at Fandemonium, but the additions to my kill list might give a glimpse.....

Actually, while I did get a lot of kills, that in and of itself wasn't fun. Carolyn and I just enjoyed having company come up from Salt Lake City for the weekend and we just liked being able to make new friends, strengthen bonds with old one, and just play a game we enjoy.

GMing is hard work and both of us feel like we got our butts kicked. Home game sare easy since you know your players, PCs, and adventure and it is a much more relaxed environment. A tournament is all "Go! Go! Go!" and you have to be "on" for 4 hours straight. I learned a few things (always do) and got to teach a few things, so next time will be easier and more fun.

One thing we will change for next time is only 1 game per day, unless it is playing one and running one. Next year's CONduit if we have two games in one day I'm going to run one 'cause that is a lot to do. One exception I can think of is if you run the same tournament twice. This might work at CONduit where we are in a small room. Have two different tables running different tournaments at the same time. Once over the tables switch GMS. This way the GMs only have to prepare for one tournament and get "better" with the second table. The players would be at a disadvantage, but they'd have a bit more experience playing togther. For logistical reasons, the tournamnets should probably be different levels, but if there is overlap AND the PCs lived through the first encounter they could play the second....just a thought,

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