January 4, 2006

Another fun weekend

The wife and I got to play some D&D Friday night. The evening was actually pretty boring as we didn't accomplish jack. The party checked out the keep where JR died and figured out that their new nemisis had come and went. We discovered a hidden lair, but it was picked clean of goodies.......we don't quite know what we are going to do next.

I did get to play in another HackMaster online tournament. That was quite the challenge. We started out with 6 players, added one more, and were down to 5 players before the first encounter and 4 players after the first encounter. All three players had to leave (they weren't killed). Luckily we had a decent group left: my DS Invoker, a Grel Magic-User/Thief/Fighter, a Gnome Fighter/Thief, and a Gnome Cleric/Thief. I was able to kill/nuetralize about half of the monsters we encountered as I had spell-jacked my mage as much as I could. Urddas Nerthol (My DS Invoker) was in Great Honor, so I had a mulligan in case I caused a spell mishap due to spell-jacking. Lucky for me, cause I needed that mulligan to divert a mishap.

I personally defeated one each of these:

And blew a good chunk out of one of these that had popped up on my when the rest of the party was seeking a quest item. Unfortuantely my PC is a bit paranoid and would not enter an area that would most likely have ruined his spellbook.

Lucky for me I had a good defensive spell or two prepped as mister ugly here would have made short work of me otherwise. The rest of the part was able to save me before I could become a tasty meat snack.

In the final encounter we had to face 4 potentially nasty opponents and my DS was able to kill one (with help from the cleric) and nuetralize two others. The one mobile bad guy came after me and slice up Urddas pretty good before getting pummeled by the cleric. In the end the PCs were healed of any long-term damage, including scars.....Urddas made a comment that chicks dig scars so he got to keep his.....and sent to recieve a feast. At said feast we were offerred membership in some secret society. I was a bit reluctant, but the rest of the group joined and I managed to get an opt-out clause, so what the hell. The "bribe" to join was a very valuable book.

EP, Honor, and loot should be handed out today. I can'y wait as this will determine how I decided to develop my DS. He may have to go to school for a while and I'm interested to know if he will have enough money.

Next weekend is the Fandemonium Convention in Nampa. We have a lot of visitors coming up to play...hope everybody has fun.

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