January 4, 2006

Mini HackMaster Post

I got to game Friday, playing my DS Invoker in a HackMaster game. My wife was planning on starting Little Keep on the Borderlands, but we figured the first session would be kind of boring, mostly set-up for future sessions. Instead we played some of Relb's Revenge for HackJournal #1. Since I've ran it before, I have to play dumber than I should and about got my PC fried. Luckily for me, most of the stuff I know about the adventure I wouldn't react with (do the worst thing possible, etc.) anyway because my PC is paranoid (I think of him as basically being a HUGE pessimist, anything that can go wrong probably will). This helps a bit. We got to run some combat for the new players, so hopefully they'll get hooked. we plan on playing HackMaster those Friday nights we don't play D&D, so we should get in a decent amount of HackMaster.

I ran some HackMaster Saturday. Some of the same people that played the night before, but we dropped one person and added one of my old players. We plan on playing every other Saturday. I think that'll help keep our players in the game since they will still have half of their Saturdays free. Also, it'll be some cheap entertainment on Carolyn's weekends off.

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