January 13, 2005

Fun with fish

Little Basho has become a bit too acustomed to his home. The tank has developed its biologic filter and the ammonia level has dropped to "safe" levels. Since we wanted another fish, this is the time to go out and get our next (and last) goldfish.

We went back to the same aquarium store, pretty much a hole-in-the-wall place. They had good stock and you can tell they've been around for quite some time. While I'd have liked to get another Lionhead, Carolyn really liked this small Oranda. I told her she'd get to pick they next goldfish, as long as it wasn't a calico, celestial, or bubble eye. I don't care for those types any. While we were at it we got a very small golden-colored chinese algae eater.

Together these two fish don't even come close to the size that Basho has gotten to. We put the new fish into the tank once the water was aclimated. Basho immediately chased after the new guys and was pretty relentless in chasing the new goldfish about the tank. At one point he got stuck behind the power head where the new guy was trying to use his smaller size to hide.

When I got up this morning and Basho was still at it. The new fish was cowering in the corner, occasionally coming out only when flushed out by Basho. I finally got ticked off and scooped up Basho and dumped him in the toilet. That'll teach the bastard!

Of course I didn't do that. What I did do though was put my small isolation tank-thingy into the fish tank and put Basho inside it. He was pissed for a while and then calmed down. In a couple of hours the new fish came out. Now he's swimming everywhere and is trying to spend time as close to Basho as possible. Basho is still a bit peeved, but I'll let him chill for a while and see what happens.
This is a quick pic of the new guy. Carolyn hasn't named him yet.


Illuminati Rob said...

A little torture never hurt anything..........especially cats. MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher Stogdill said...

Well the "torture" worked and the fish get along. As for the cats, they almost spent the night out in the car when they wouldn't let us sleep.

Illuminati Rob said...

lol........AWESOME..........uh, I mean, tragic. SO tragic. Nice pic by the way you two.