March 14, 2006

Brief Update

I know it’s been a while since I did a real post. I’d like to blame that on work, or ‘cause I’ve been so busy. I have been, but I probably have time-management issues or something a bit more lame.

One thing I did do a while back is split my blog up. I now have three blogs: the one you’re reading, the one for my HackMaster game, and one for my D&D game. Both games are currently in the toilet and circling the bowl.

My D&D GM decided to drop off the face of the earth. He just sent out an email saying he had something going on and that he was thinking of getting rid of his cell phone. He pretty much said he was cutting off ties with the outside world. I think he’s joining a cult. Pretty much nobody has heard from him in a month or so. I really think he has some family issues, so I’m giving him some space even though my gut says to drive right over to his house and see what’s going on first-hand.

We had another player step up as GM for about two sessions before deciding that she needed to go to college classes on Friday night. Sheesh, who would rather get and education than hang out in some guy’s basement playing D&D?! At least she has a real excuse… wife might become our next GM, but I’m thinking of picking up the reigns. I just want to make sure I don’t get rulesets confused.

Now HackMaster, my preferred game…..well we did manage to play/GM at a couple of tournaments at Ghengis Con in Denver last month. Our home game has all but dried up. A couple of players we shared with the D&D group and they were sporadic. One of our most consistent players had school issues also and another has family issues. We’ve put out feelers fro new players and have a nibble or two. I am also getting ready to join an online group and GM the same group on a rotating basis. We will essentially be two groups of the same people, just Joe (Tolman) will GM one set of PCs and I will GM another.

Work has been busier than I’d like. I’m putting in 50+ hours a week now since we are down an office assistant. It is important that we have someone here to take intervention calls from 7 am to 6 pm. My normal shift is 9-6. Lately I’ve been taking some calls from the boss and a few interventionists on the weekends. Nothing much, but a few calls and such. I did get a nice little trip to Colorado and California with my wife last month. There were a couple of treatment centers I needed to visit and I was able to work in the Ghengis Con convention before going to a conference in Santa Monica.

Other stuff going on….I have my bug drivable again (actually running really well) and I picked up that scooter I won last fall. I still need to get a helmet and register the thing, but this summer I’ll be zipping about town rather cheaply. Sure I’ll look like a dork, but with the gas money I’ll be saving, I gives a damn!

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