November 29, 2006

Local Tournament Attempt

We finally decided to try and have another local tournament at the new game store in town: Empyre Games (2404 South Orchard, Suite #200, Boise Id, 83705). I made up a new poster just for the tournament.

Tournout wasn't that great....ok it sucked. We did get two people showing, and one of them had never played an RPG before. The other heard about the tournament, bought a PHB and rolled up an Uber Half-Ogre fighter.

Well, the game must go on so we played with what we had. The Half-Ogre paired up with a Dwarven cleric pre-gen and they tackled the Crypt of the Miser. Since there were only two PCs I cut the number of monsters in half (except for the final encounter were there was an odd number of monsters.....I rounded up).

Although the cleric took the lead to begin with, the duo quickly decided that the big fighter should step up and hack away with his twin battle-axes. With enough BP put into multi-attack bonus and a high DEX, he was often getting three attacks off before is opponents got to swing.

The expected traps and puzzles weren't too much of a hindrence and the pair pretty much sped through the dungeon. They had problems in one room where the half-ogre rolled quite a few natural twenties.......on ability checks (failing them). Some of the tatics they used were quite brilliant, which really helped them from taking too much direct damage.

They made it to the final encounter in record time, only to be slain trying to overcome the encounter.

In the end I think everyone had fun and we might have at least one new player for the home group.....

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