January 1, 2007

BSU wins over Oklahoma!

BSU wins the Fiesta Bowl, beating the Oklahoma Sooners 43-42.

Carolyn and I went to a Fiesta Bowl party at Papa Joe's (across from BSU) that Steve and Lori Hurst held. Most of the office...actually all of the office, attends or graduated from BSU. I'm usually not a huge fan of college football, but this game rocked!

BSU played well, and the game ended up going to OT. Oklahoma managed to score in OT right off the bat and BSU had to fight for the win, with an awesome scoring play and a great 2 point conversion.

We've been hearing lots of stories about Oklahoma fans thinking we weren't a fair match-up for their "superior" team.....but they aren't undefeated with a BCS bowl win!

Photos courtesy of FOX News and AP

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