June 12, 2007

Hoody Hoo! New game with new players!

Amie from my work and her husband Elisha have decided to give HackMaster a go.

We lent them a book (tried to lend/give them two.....have plenty) and they spent some time thumbing through it. I found it amusing that they thought they needed to memorize the whole thing! Yeah.....I don't know anyone who has that thing memorized. I'd have been happy if they thumbed through a couple of chapters and maybe just read the first three (ability scores, races, and classes).

I think we started off badly. We didn't devote enough time initially and I tried to have them each roll up two PCs. It takes a while to roll up PCs, especially the first time....so doing two is too much.

We started the process, took a break to watch "The Gamers"....one of our traditions for new players, and then came back to it on another Friday. The initial start was ok as far as rolls go. Amie was rolling up an Elven Battlemage and a Half-Elven Cleric. Elisha was rolling up a Gnome (?) Thief and a Humand Fighter. The fighter had abysmal stats...I mean really bad. He rolled a couple of "4s" and I think the highest rolls was a 9. I took that PC away to use as a future NPC and let him start that PC over.

When we finally got together again to finish PCs, Amie finished her Battlemage and Elisha rolled up a Dwarven Fighter. This PC was much better for Elisha. His rolls were damned close to perfect...as far as flexibility goes. With a few quirks and flaws he could have any PC he desired. Paladin, Holy Knight, and Knight Errant would have been difficult due to a lower CHA & COM, but doable. He decided to go without any quirks or flaws and go minimalist on skills. Couldn't blame him there....

I tried to quickly roll up a Gnome Cleric/Thief to temporarily round out the group until their second PCs could be finished and started as sidekicks. Carolyn rolled up an Elven Fighter specialized in the longbow. Definately a combat-oriented group so far....

We started the adventure and they've done pretty well so far, kicking total ass in their one combat. At the onset of that combat, "my" NPC simply opened the door (didn't bother to make a listen check) and was suprised by a ready and waiting goblin archer (and two other bad guys) on the other side. He got severly pincushioned by three multiple-penetrating arrows and fell dead.

I don't want to potentially give any details to my players, which is the reason I'm not giving more specifics...

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