June 18, 2007

How the hell do you find a game store?

Well I got to go on a short business trip to Costa Mesa, CA to drop in on a couple of treatment centers. In between meetings I thought I'd try to pick up the latest issue of Knights of the Dinner Table. I had to leave Boise the morning that my issues arrived at the store, so I figured I'd get a copy on the road.....

I have an internet connection in the room, know how to use Google, and have a GPS.....shouldn't be too hard to find, right?

On Thursday I was able to find two comic book stores, but of course they didn't stock KoDT. Well, actually the first place usually gets one or two copies in addition to the one standar pull for a customer. I tried locating a third store (based off of directions given me at a different store) and drove by a "fourth" comic book store......BTW, I wouldn't advertise a place billed as "Sports Cards and Collectibles" as a comic book store online. I was pretty tired and had to get back to my hotel room to nap and get ready for my next meeting.

The next day I figured I'd try to find a game store. That was even more screwed up. Most were actually video game stores, and one was just a place that held Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments. That place was a sty whose only product was a few old cards. I stopped back at my room and did another search and thought I hit on something good.......a place called "Dragon" games or some such. Armed with a likely sounding name and a new address I headed out.....that store did not exist..or it had been moved since the location given was under renovation/construction.

I totally struck out in my search for a KoDt on the road. Probably shouldn't have used Google....but of course you know I foudn the *&^^%#$@ phonebook in my room as I was checking out. Did my normal "sweep" of all drawers and storage spaces to make sure I don't leave anything behind. It was in a drawer I never bothered to use.....

At least I was able to pick up my copies on hold at the local store when I came home Saturday.

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