July 28, 2007

A Couple of New Movies

Carolyn and I went to two movies (so far) this weekend. It's our first weekend off together since coming back from vacation. For the record, Miu is kind of doing better. She isn't eating yet, but she does drink and if you put food in her mouth she does eat. We just need to figure out how to kick-start her chowing down on food again. Force-feeding her is just so much fun.

We got back from seeing the Simpsons....that was pretty cool. It really felt like a triple length TV episode. They poked fun at everybody and everything, inculding themselves. Good stuff. They have a pretty good website to, definately worth poking around a bit.

Here's a screen shot of the website. You can visit several places in town and even if you just lay about the main page there is plenty to do. Clicking on Bart makes him shoot at the cans and birds on the Welcome sign.....the birds come back to roost. You can also make up your own Simpsons avatar/character, which I did to the best of my ability.

Ok, the Simpsons was the good movie, and Transformers was the bad.

Actually the Transformers movies wasn't that bad, but a lot of things "ruined" it for me...right off of the bat. I really don't want to get into details, but to put it bluntly, they should NOT have had a Combat Controller in the movie. It should have been a TACP. That would have been more realistic and then maybe they wouldn't have screwed up the controls....the A-10s attacked from the wrong direction (I'll give the CCT dude credit for giving the right direction, but the idiot should not have announced the color of the smoke marker), shot off their missiles (AGM65's I think) dumbly, and seriously.....if you are running across the desert, do you really give a damn about keeping a WOOL beret on?! Wow, the Army guys had appropriate head gear, but the Air Force weenie was out of regulation wearing a physical training (PT) shirt with his fatigues (I know they call them something else now...). Ok, all that stuff was stupid (and the messed up FOB, but that was more of a dramatic license I'm sure), but the Sector Seven idiot took the case.

I'm not digging on the actor at all, but whoever wrote or was in charge of wardrobe should be taken out back and beaten. If they had one....ONE fricken military advisor they probably could have gotten some of the very basics straight. The Sector Seven dude is shown wearing a USMC ring, you know..one of those Josten type rings. The ring was very noticable (probably because it was gold, had a big "USMC" clearly legible, and stood out from the drab colors he was wearing) and let's face it.......nobody from another service is going to wear a USMC ring. When we see the same guy on top of Hoover Dam, the idiot is wearing a Combat Infantryman Badge......the CIB is an ARMY award. Not an Army award that other services can earn....in fact the regulations (check out the Wiki entry) are quite clear on this. First of all he is not in a military uniform, looks like a rag-tag conglomeration...second he's not in the military period. Even if his character was in the Marines, he'd not be able to earn/wear the CIB......even if he was in the Marines and then joined the Army he'd not be able to wear the CIB when not in Army uniform....period.

Screwing up things like this is simply insulting to the US military.

I don't expect them to make everything "accurate"....like the guy magically turning a computer monitor into an old HF radio morse code interface....that magically turns the morse code into text he can see on the screen. Wow....in a few minutes he not only jury-rigged the contraption, but he managed to code a program to show the morse code as screen text! I do expect that if they use any military "stuff" they get a fricken advisor and try to keep it close to real.

I had no problem suspending my disbelief in the Autobots and Decepticons......the Tango Uniform military stuff "ruined" things for me in the first few minutes.

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Dan said...

I was looking forward to your intel on this issue of uniforms and such. I'm thinking they do this on purpose just to mess with our enemies. I hear Bay has lots of good Military contacts, and works closely with them. And if thats the case, why do they get all the little details wrong? The real movie to rag on is Fantastic Four 2, wow that was a stupid movie!