July 18, 2007

What I'm working on....

I have a couple of projects in the works: some adventure rehashing, pre-gen creation, and some GM aids.

Carolyn and I shipped all of our books out to Origins and there were some problems shipping them back. Luckily the hotel has been pretty cool about working with FedEx to get them shipped out and now they're on their way home. Any projects I try to work on need to be done using my PDFs or be something I can work on without needing my books.

The Little Outhouse on the Prairie adventures went pretty well, but I think they've been played out. Fortunately I haven't turned in two of the adventures for points so if I finish them up I can gets some UPS points and Carolyn will make level 3 as a GM. I also have a Roll-N-Run adventure that just needs to have it's Tournament Scoring sheet done. Last year I was told by Steve Johansen (part of the KenzerCo D-Team) that he'd like to see some original adventures fleshed out and turned into more of a campaign guide/setting/sourcebook. I heard this agin this year, but not first-hand. I'm seriously considering re-working the adventures into a month-long adventure "hook" for levels 2-5. The old tournament adventures occur on specific days and in between the adventures there will be plenty of things happening in the local area. The idea will be that the PCs can mill about quite freely (even leaving the area if they so choose) and they'll get a sense of community and that time is passing for them.

I also "need" to use my new blank PC sheet to use and start building a large bank of pre-gens. It's a bit of work, but I need to update my current Little Outhouse pre-gens and level them up to 10th. This way I could have whatever pre-gens I need for a tournament. My table generator program has a lot of the information I need that would make things easier for PC generation. I probably need to add another table or two for spellbooks just to speed up that process. Actually that's not a big deal, but I like tinkering with the generator and adding the spell lists to the blank spellbook generator might prove difficult and I'd enjoy wrapping my head around that one.

The last project I'm working on is a 4x6 GM card where the GM can put down the pertinent PC info he might need to look up during a game. The little line on the GM shield isn't enough and the only other thing I've seen "out there" is about as big as my PC sheet to begin with. There isn't too much that needs to be on the card, but I keep coming up with little tweaks needed. To make it a bit more appealing visually, I'm going to use some clipart to denote what the info is used for so it'll be easier to find that one magic bit of info on the card.

I'll use a heart to denote HP, for example. I have a bunch more icons already selected, but then I realized I need to tweak them all in photoshop.

I'll make sure I post a pic of the "final" product.

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