November 10, 2007

Not much to report

Just checking in to say I don't have much to report.

Not like I haven't been doing fact I've been very, very busy. Work has been interesting. We had to put together a bid to continue running a state program. That was a lot of effort. I ended up going to the official bid opening and only two other companies bid. Our bid looked a lot better than thiers (I only got an external view, but if you stacked up everything the other guys had you bearly get the size of just one of our copies). We're also gearing up for our annual Xmas party, which is a HUGE deal. Next week I have to go back to SoCal for a few meetings....maybe more about that later.

Last week Carolyn and I went down to Salt Lake City to play some HackMaster with old friends. I don't feel the need to expound here since you can just go over to that blog.

I haven't even fired up the 'ol PS3 in a couple weeks....and I love getting a few solitary hours of online gaming in! If I didn't have a few things to do this morning I'd be blowing off this blog to play some Warhawk.

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