November 22, 2008

Got in some guest gaming

My online group is on a minor hiatus. We switched to Saturdays and it's been hard to get everyone together. We may end up trying for some new players once the GM is finished with his dissertation.

I recently got to visit Tennessee and chose to spend my nights in Chattanooga so I could visit with HackMaster GM extrodinaire Topher. Actually there are quite a few people to visit in 'Nooga.

Topher runs a game on Monday nights and I was able to bring in Waydol, my 5th level Archer Specialist. He about bit the big one last Monday, but luckily I got in a last arrow shot that did in the Cyro Hydra before multiple heads breathed on me. We also fought some Ice lizards.

The next night was an interesting game with a different GM, one I'd never played under before. The group was almost entirely magic users. Just one Cleric and a 1st level Half-Ogre Crossbow Specialist rounding out the group. I brought in my DS Invoker Urddas Nerthol and risked playing some coupons under this new GM. He hit me with an Honor loss, but elected to post-pone any coupon retaliation.

What coupon did I play? I had two coupons, which is normally a big no-no, but these were special coupons from Knight of the Dinner Table that were made to go together. Normally coupons have stated on them that only one may be used per session, but these two didn't and they were actually used together in the comic. The first coupon allowed me to cast Find Familiar without any material components and the second allowed me to roll on the special familiar table without having to take a bunch of familiar quirks and flaws to attempt the same result.

Now the significance of this is huge because coupons are essentially there to break the rules and allow things that normally wouldn't be allowed. Quite a few are minor, like dice bumps or a free item. While the rule-break here is essentially a cost savings of 1000 gold pieces, but for my DS Invoker the rule-break is that he gets to have a familiar, which isn't normally allowed. DS Invokers are normally restricted from being able to cast conjuration & summoning spells.

Anyway I managed to get a good enough roll ont he special familiar table to get myself a Fairy Dragon. I named him Yeenayhe, which is Cherokee for Fairy. I'm kind of suprised at how powerful this thing is for a familiar. He has a lot more hit points, a breath weapon, and can cast spells as a 4th level magic-user and a 6th level cleric. Fairy Dragons are peaceful in nature and the breath weapon is a euphoric gas, so it's not going to be fighting for me. I am assuming that the spells will not be aggressive in nature. I'll have to look at the suggested spells and look for commonality for figureing out which spells Yeenayhe will have. Obviously my home GM will have to sign off on it.

I figure that this familiar will just make it one closer step to my DS Invoker's retirement. He wants to eventually become a doctor and having a familiar that can gas unruly patients can only be a help.

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