November 23, 2008


Carolyn and I went to go see Twilight. She really wanted to and I was kind of iffy. She's read the books and I haven't, and after seeing this movie I'm convinced it was made for her and not me.

In a word- Meh

I did not care for the movie. I think it was shot poorly and had the camera "effects" made me nauseous on several occasions. They kept spinning the camera around. Not just around in a big circle like you see all-too-often, but actually spinning back and forth from a center focal point. It was dizzying and I didn't see the point.

Twilight was a movie made for fans of the books. On it's own I don't think it held up. You didn't need to read Tolkien to enjoy Lord of the Rings. The movie did a good enough story-telling job on it's own. There was some way too obvious forshadowing for sequels.

I think Carolyn enjoyed it at that's good enough for me.

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