November 6, 2008

My Wife's B-Day

Today is my wife's birthday. She's younger than I am by a few years, but she did fall into my category of "acceptable" women to date: Non-smokers who "could" have gone to the same high school as I did. I'm lucky in that she would've been a Freshman when I was a Senior, so I have the great fortune of always sleeping with a younger woman.

She has a blog of her own and is my only follower here on this blog (Seriously...I know that other people read this so help in inflating my ego some, will you?). She (wisely?) doesn't allow comments so if you head over there just be lurkers.

Hopefully we'll go out to a nice dinner and she'll like my gift. I'm sure if you go to her blog you'll eventually be able to tell one way or the other...


Dan said...

Because of my greatness, I just doubled your followers! :)

Self-Hating Shrew said...

Happy (belated)birthday, Carolyn! And, by the way, I read both of your blogs, although I'm a little behind on my reading right now.